Radiography & Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that allows radiologists to view moving body structures in real-time moving images. Radiography, also known as x-ray, is performed with fluoroscopy exams. During a fluoroscopy exam, a continuous x-ray beam is used to create a series of images that can be viewed like a movie.

Fluoroscopy is used for many different types of exams including:

  • Evaluation of internal structures including bones, muscles, joints and organs
  • Visualization of real-time movement of a specific process in the body
  • Guidance of a medical device to a precise location

What to Expect

There are a wide variety of fluoroscopy exams with many different steps. However, most fluoroscopy exams will follow the same general procedure. You will be asked to wear a gown during the procedure and remove any jewelry or other items that may contain metal. Most exams require contrast, which will be given through an IV or orally, to help radiologists see a specific area of the body more clearly. Then you will be positioned on the x-ray table so the images may be taken. An entire fluoroscopy exam usually takes about 30 minutes.

The results of your fluoroscopy exam are communicated to your referring provider 1-2 business days after your exam. If you have questions about your results, you are encouraged to speak with your referring provider, who can discuss your results in detail with you.

Some types of fluoroscopy exams require special preparation. Please check preparation instructions for your specific type of exam prior to your appointment day.


  • During fluoroscopy and radiography exams, the patient is exposed to radiation. Radiation doses are closely monitored and do not exceed stringent guidelines set forth by the American College of Radiology.
  • Allergic reactions to contrast are rare but can occur. Tell your radiologist or technologist if you have any allergies or complications with prior imaging exams.


  • Unlike a traditional x-ray, which shows a single static image, a fluoroscopy exam allows radiologists to see movement through the body in real-time.

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